In the marine sector, normally, standard PLC’s are used for automation and power management control only, not integrating all other systems. On the other side of the spectrum, usually in modern military units or very large commercial ships, a fully integrated approach that goes under the acronym of IPMS for Integrated Platform Management System, is implemented to offer control of all of the ship’s sub-systems.

We followed the very unconventional path of aiming for an IPMS-class architecture, which you can guess it would cost a fortune to implement if done the traditional way, but using our own supervision software and our hardware.

We have full integrated control of all core and supplementary functions of the boat, from power distribution to tanks and pumps control, navigation, alarms, fire, lighting, stabilisers, chargers, inverters, battery banks, video etc.

And all this is running on our Raspberry Pi and Arduino based modules.

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