Paige West from Electronic Specifier speaks with Ulderico Arcidiaco, CEO of Sfera Labs about IoT and automation.

Ulderico (Ulde) is an electronics engineer – he’s always been playing with electronics and software since he was around 12-13 years old.

“I started playing with electronics because there were no computers and then when computers came out, a few years later, I started playing with these things as well,” said Ulde. “Since then, I’ve always been playing with electronics. It’s basically my hobby and eventually it turned into business.”

In 2007, Ulde started a niche company in building automation and software supervision implementing the same system’s integration, reliability and security concepts he used to design for mission critical IT systems – back then, this was not normal.

IoT, for Ulde, is all about using something that is relatively easy to get, not only in terms of cost, but in terms of convenience and being easily accessible and then find a way to use that for complex applications typical of the automation environment.
“I still remember a guy [around 10 years ago] saying that he was working on automating a petrol station and using Arduino to do that. I remember that I wondered how you could do something like that [with something so critical].”

Ulde goes on to talk about the role of artificial intelligence in IoT, some of the most exciting advancements and future prospects for IoT and automation, and how Sfera Labs is providing the ideal building blocks for IoT applications.

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