In the most recent episode of the ElectroPages Podcast, Ulderico Arcidiaco, the CEO of Sfera Labs, unveils the ground-breaking work that Sfera Labs is pursuing in the realm of building automation and edge computing using Raspberry Pi and Arduino technology.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Origins of Sfera Labs: Discover the serendipitous beginnings of the company and its journey to innovation.
  • Product Spotlight: Strato, Iono, and Exo: Dive into the features and applications of Sfera Labs’ three primary product lines.
  • Raspberry Pi & Arduino Integration: Understand the significance of these platforms in Sfera Labs’ products.
  • The Open-Source Edge: Explore the benefits of an open-source approach in hardware development.
  • Getting Started with Sfera Labs: Tips and insights for engineers looking to harness the potential of Sfera Labs’ offerings.

Listen to the full podcast recording here.