The new Strato Pi Fan extends the temperature range of Strato Pi and Iono Pi modules

All Sfera Labs Raspberry Pi Model B DIN-rail modules are now available with the Strato Pi Fan internal active cooling option.

Strato Pi Fan is a high-performance temperature-controlled fan, mounted directly above the Raspberry Pi CPU. The fan speed is  9100 RPM, and is capable of delivering 4.9 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow.  The noise level is only 23.6 dBA.

The embedded temperature sensor and fan controller featured in the Strato Pi Fan mean that it works independently of the Raspberry Pi operating system and the CPU’s own dedicated temperature sensor.

An open source kernel module is available for Raspberry Pi OS to simplify the fan controller’s configuration.

Strato Pi Fan is available as a factory installed option on all our Raspberry Pi Model B DIN-rail modules: Strato Pi Base, UPS and CAN, Iono Pi and the Pi Touch Display.

Strato Pi Fan is also available as a stand-alone expansion board and, thanks to its slim design and pass-through installation on the GPIO connector, is mechanically and electrically compatible with many third party expansion boards currently on the market.