Assintel, the National Association of the ICT Companies has kindly invited us today to present one of our most visible projects: Hi Can, the Smart Bed.

HiCan screen

Hi Can Smart Bed, by Hi-interiors: a new interpretation of the classic canopy, creating a cozy environment and bringing into the room the concept of cocooning: the creation of a personal space around you.


…and behind this smart bed, there is a system architecture designed by Sfera Labs!

Our servers and sensors manage the movements of the bed nets, the projector and the screen, the lights, the music while controlling temperature, humidity, sound, light and air quality.

Here the details:

Strato Pi: the main control unit is a Strato Pi server, a Raspberry Pi based computer equipped with auxiliary professional hardware to enhance its reliability and let it communicate with the other devices in the bed:

  • Hi Can Controller: a custom I/O module we have designed specifically for Hi Can with relay outputs, digital inputs and YOUR two LIN interfaces.
  • Hi Can Scale: an 8-channel load cell interface, used to independently read the load on the 8 load cells we have on each corner of the two sides of the bed. This is used to measure weight, motion and detect presence.
  • Hi Can DMX: a DMX interface to control all lights.
  • Hi Can Sense: a temperature, humidity, sound, light and air quality sensors.

HiCan System Architecture