12524098_1545389009106241_5982298860693007221_nIono is among the projects built, installed and under development inside Casa Jasmina.

“Casa Jasmina” is a two-year pilot project in the business space of domestic electronic networking, or, “the Internet of Things in the Home”. Casa Jasmina is not merely a kitchen, library, bedroom, and bathroom. It’s a public interface for a larger Internet-of-Things process of building things, acquiring installing things, removing things, repairing and maintaining things, storing things, recording and linking to things, and, last but very importantly, getting rid of things. 

casajasminaCasa Jasmina is an incubator, and its purpose is industry-boosting in the Torino and Piemonte IoT space. The successors of the Casa Jasmina project will be real homes with real, innovative products inside.

Iono is a general-purpose, professional input/output DIN-rail module, CE compliant, based on a standard Arduino. Iono allows you to use your Arduino programming skills, and the vast amount of sofware available for it, not only for prototypes, but for professional applications where extreme reliability, ruggedness and compliance with CE directives for EMC, Electrical Safety and RoHS are required.
Iono is basically an Arduino-based PLC, but much more flexible and with many more resources available for you to develop your project.