Sfera Labs is delighted to announce that, despite the worldwide supply chain shortage, the company has successfully ramped up production and is starting volume shipment of its recently launched RP D16 open industrial automation I/O module based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller.

Targeting industrial digital I/O applications, the powerful I/O module combines a variety of digital input and output lines with on-board memory and industry-standard interfaces. The module incorporates the RP2040 MCU, 16 digital 24V I/O lines, an RS-485 serial interface and a wide range 12-28V power supply input. A compact DIN rail case supports quick and easy installation in electrical cabinets and space-constrained automation control systems. 

“In light of growing lead times for components in the supply chain, we are particularly pleased to announce volume shipment our new I/O module, which, based on interest to date, we believe will become one of our most popular product lines for residential and industrial projects,” said Ulderico Arcidiaco, CEO of Sfera Labs. “With Raspberry Pi at its core, engineers will be able to use the Iono RP D16 as the basis for creating exciting new automation and control applications that offer long-term operational reliability in even the most demanding conditions.”  

The firmware libraries specifically developed for the Iono RP D16 are freely accessed via Github. For custom OEM requirements, Sfera Labs can provide custom casing and logo printing services to support OEM requirements.  

Fully CE, FCC, and IC compliant, Sfera Labs’ Iono RP D16 is suitable for both residential and industrial installations. 

Find out more about Iono RP D16 here.