New Raspberry Pi CM4-based server provides open, optimized and reliable solutions for industrial and IoT applications

We are announcing the first shipments of our new Strato Pi Max, a flexible and expandable industrial controller based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM) 4.

The Strato Pi Max stands out with its modular design, DIN rail-mount, Wi-Fi and BLE wireless connectivity, dual Ethernet ports, dual SD, eMMC, and/or SSD storage options, and two USB ports. It’s a versatile module that can support up to four embedded expansion boards, expanding its capabilities to include serial (RS485/RS232) and CAN bus interfaces, digital I/O, additional wireless connectivity, and support for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Strato Pi Max retains the same watchdog, isolated RS-485 port, and USB ports with independent power control and fault detection built into existing members of the Strato Pi family and complies with all relevant industry standards for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and sustainability.

Additional models of expansion boards will add new functionalities during 2024.

The Strato Pi Max is now available from the Sfera Labs web store. It will also be soon available on and, making it easily accessible to our customers.

Strato Pi Max is offered in two versions: Strato Pi Max XS, which supports up to one expansion board, and Strato Pi Max XL, which supports up to four.

Both models embed pre-assembled CM4 boards with up to 8GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC and can be equipped with a high-performance M.2 PCIe SSD.

Strato Pi Max XL can be ordered in the Lite variant, offering enhanced data reliability with the optional dual SD card.

The Strato Pi Max’s modular architecture is a key feature, allowing it to be tailored to each project’s specific needs. With a wide range of final combinations of I/O and storage options, it offers unparalleled flexibility. For instance, the Strato Pi Max XL can support up to eight interfaces for CAN bus or Modbus, demonstrating its adaptability.

Our collaboration with Zymbit brings an added layer of security to the Strato Pi Max. With the Zymbit Secure Compute Module as its core, the Strato Pi Max is further fortified with secure boot, encrypted file system, A/B updates with safe recovery and cryptographic engine—all fully encapsulated in a tamper resilient module—making it an ideal choice for zero-trust environments.

“Zymbit is excited to collaborate with Sfera Labs on the Strato Pi Max industrial controller,” announced Phil Strong, Co-Founder & CEO of Zymbit. “Our Secure Compute Module seamlessly integrates with the Strato Pi Max, empowering developers with the flexibility to create highly innovative solutions. This combined offering simplifies penetration testing, elevates security for zero-trust environments, accelerates development cycles, and ensures the long-term resilience of industrial IoT applications”.

Based on open technology and fully compatible with the toolsets, programming languages, and development frameworks available for Raspberry Pi, the new module will allow designers to implement advanced control systems in industrial, commercial, and residential environments in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than would generally be possible with proprietary solutions.

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