Strato Pi CM is a very versatile family of servers based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.
It offers support for CM1, CM3, CM3+, CM3 Lite, and CM3+ Lite.
In particular, Strato Pi CM Duo, combined with CM3+ Lite, is the first Raspberry Pi CM-based server offering a dual SD card slot.
Today, we have reduced the price of the Strato CM Duo and matched it with the one of Strato PI CM.
Here are some of the stunning features of the Strato Pi CM family, all enclosed in a small, 2-modules DIN-rail case:
  • Heavily protected and filtered power supply stage
  • Real-Time Clock
  • RS-485
  • Hardware Watchdog
  • 2 x power-controlled USB2.0 (Strato Pi CM Duo)
  • 2 x switching microSD slots (Strato Pi CM Duo)
  • Secure element chip (Strato Pi CM Duo)
  • DIN-Rail Case
  • CE/FCC/ICES Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant
Don’t hesitate to try and test the ultimate Raspberry Pi CM-based compact industrial server, now at a newly reduced price!
See you soon,

The Sfera Labs Team