At Sfera Labs, we always strive to implement the latest technologies and new ideas while working hard at enhancing the functionalities of our existing product lines.

Here is what we did in the last few months

Strato Base, Strato UPS, Iono Pi

Despite the many constraints of the electronic components supply, we have managed to keep satisfactory production levels and enough stock to avoid long lead times.

To further improve the availability of the Strato Base, Strato UPS, and Iono Pi product line, we have launched a different version of each module without the secure element chip ATECC608. 

This way, customers who dont use this feature can access cheaper and readily available servers and I/O modules.

Support for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4S

Raspberry Pi recently announced the CM4S, the new board based on the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B architecture, restricted only to industrial customers.

Our Strato Pi CM and Strato Pi CM Duo product lines are already available with a pre-installed CM4S.

New Strato Pi CM

We have launched an upgraded version of Strato Pi CM.

Strato Pi CM 2.0, while retaining the same mechanical specifications as Strato Pi CM 1.3, is now built on the same hardware architecture of Strato Pi CM Duo, just without the SD card slots. It is a lower-cost alternative to the Strato Pi CM Duo when used in combination with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module with embedded eMMC storage, and there is no need to use an additional SD card.

The highlights of Strato Pi CM 2.0 are the following:

  • compatible with Compute Module 1, 3, 3+, 4S, with embedded eMMC; not compatible with Lite versions
  • enhanced power-supply stage, designed to withstand the current demand of the Compute Module 4S and, in general terms, can handle more current, particularly at low supply voltages, compared to the previous version
  • the USB ports have independent power control and fault detection
  • same watchdog, real-time-clock, and isolated RS-485 port of Strato Pi CM Duo and Strato Pi CM 1.3

New products

May 17th: Exo Sense RP: in stock, ready to ship


June 15th: Iono RP D16: in stock, ready to ship