At Sfera Labs, we focus all our attention on ensuring that our products adhere to the highest quality levels, and we strive to provide them with prompt, competent, and friendly support. 

Quality starts from the very beginning.

We source all the critical components for the manufacturing of our products directly. This way, we can ensure that they meet our strict specifications, arrive from traceable sources, and are properly packaged and handled.

Moreover, by doing so, we maintain a steady production flow even in times of constrained supply, such as in the present market.

We manufacture our products in Italy, and our production facilities are all within a 200-km radius of our head offices. This way, we keep close control of the production process. We are in continuous contact with our assemblers, ready to discuss and resolve any potential issue before the final product reaches our warehouse.

Every product is individually tested at our facility before being customized, packaged, and shipped to the customers.

We design our products to meet industrial-level specifications, selecting high-quality, state-of-the-art components and adding protection circuitry such as opto-isolation or surge and reverse polarity protection. We also test them rigorously well over the nominal specifications. 

We are well aware that investing in new technology in industrial automation brings in the concern for long-term availability. We issue long-term availability statements for our consolidated product lines in normal market conditions. We ensure retro-compatibility between different versions of the same products. Therefore, our customers can take advantage of new, improved features without changing their existing applications.