Deal enhances global access to comprehensive range of industrial automation technologies

Sfera Labs, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced solutions for embedded systems and edge computing has signed an agreement with DigiKey, a leading global commerce distributor offering the largest selection of technical components and automation products in stock for immediate shipment.

Via Digi-Key’s online store, global customers now have rapid access to Sfera Labs servers, embedded systems, I/O modules and sensors for industrial automation, IoT and edge computing. These products, which are based on innovative, widespread, open source, community-supported technologies such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, include:

Strato Pi servers enhance the Raspberry Pi computer with several hardware features suitable for professional and industrial applications where reliability and service continuity are key requirements. Servers in the Strato Pi line, which can be employed in residential and industrial environments, comply with industry standards for electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and emission.

The Strato Pi servers feature DIN-Rail enclosures, wide range power supplies, support for many standard application protocols such as Modbus or CAN, and diverse connectivity options including Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232. They also offer a secure element chip for data protection, and critical resiliency features such as UPS, hardware watchdog and double SD card support.

The Iono line includes extremely versatile I/O modules that are ready for industrial and residential installations and professional use where extreme reliability, ruggedness and compliance with technical and safety directives are required. The modules combine digital and analog input and output lines, power relays and support for standard interfaces, typical of modern PLCs, with the powerful computing cores of Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Applications range from data acquisition and home and building automation to access control, hotel room management, environmental monitoring and many others.

Iono I/O modules feature DIN-Rail enclosures, wide range power supply, support for many standard application protocols, such as Modbus, 1-Wire, i2C or Wiegand, diverse connectivity options like Ethernet and RS-485 and radio protocols support.

Advanced Iono industrial automation devices include the Iono Pi Max, an industrial Raspberry Pi PLC. The module is CE/FCC/IC compliant with a wide range of digital and analog inputs and outputs. Features include NO/NC relays, UPS, RS-232, RS-485, CAN, dual SD card, RTC, watchdog and secure element.

Exo Sense multi-sensor modules offer a powerful, programmable computing core and a wide range of connectivity options and can be employed in residential and commercial installations for environmental monitoring and data gathering – encompassing temperature, humidity, air quality, ambient light, atmospheric pressure, noise, motion detection and earthquake detection. Typical applications include BLE positioning, indoor tracking, rooms management and access control, alarm reporting, signalling and much more.