Fleet Management

Servers and I/O modules such as the Strato Pi CAN or Iono Pi Max are ideal for monitoring industrial vehicles, buses, and commercial fleets, offering extreme reliability, ruggedness, and compliance with technical and safety directives.

Recommended Products

  • Industrial Raspberry Pi PLC, CE/FCC/IC compliant, with wide range of digital and analog inputs and outputs, NO/NC relays, UPS, RS-232, RS-485 (Modbus), CAN, dual SD card, RTC, watchdog, secure element.

    From 695.00 + tax

  • Compact industrial Raspberry Pi Compute Module server CE/FCC/IC compliant, with wide-range power supply, eMMC Flash, RTC, RS-485, watchdog and secure element.

    From 178.00 + tax

  • Industrial Raspberry Pi server, CE/FCC/IC compliant, with wide-range power supply, RTC, CAN and RS-485 interfaces, watchdog and secure element.

    From 246.00 + tax

  • Iono MKR is a versatile and compact I/O module compatible with all the Arduino MKR boards. All the power of the Arduino platform, combined with WiFi, BLE, GSM, NB-IoT, LoRa and SigFox connectivity, in an industrial CE/FCC/IC compliant PLC

    From 145.00 + tax