Home and Building Automation

The reliability, robustness, flexibility, and long-term availability of the Sfera Labs servers, I/O modules, and sensors are key for the design of Home and Building Automation control applications.

The Strato Pi line of servers features are aimed at providing safety, security, fault-tolerance, and easy integration with industry-standard communication buses and protocols, making them the ideal solution for home and building control applications.

Iono Pi is an all-in-one solution for building automation control. Based on the very popular Raspberry Pi development ecosystem, Iono Pi can host a myriad of edge computing applications. Equipped with four onboard relay outputs, digital and analog inputs, and outputs, and offering support for 1-Wire and Wiegand, Iono Pi is the compact, competitively priced solution for the control of automation, specialized sensors, and access control keypads and readers.

Exo Sense Pi is at the same time a versatile environmental sensor and a powerful server. Its sensor technology includes temperature, humidity, air quality, and light intensity measurement, plus PIR-based motion detection. A microphone is also available for ambient noise monitoring, audio processing and voice control purposes, enabling the development of compact yet complete environmental control solutions.

Recommended Products

  • Industrial Raspberry Pi I/O module (PLC), CE/FCC/IC compliant, with wide-range power supply, RTC, digital and analog inputs, power relays, open collector outputs and TTL I/O lines for 1-wire, Wiegand and other digital protocols

    From 218.00 + tax

  • Compact industrial Raspberry Pi Compute Module server CE/FCC/IC compliant, with wide-range power supply, eMMC Flash, RTC, RS-485, watchdog and secure element.

    From 178.00 + tax

  • Iono MKR is a versatile and compact I/O module compatible with all the Arduino MKR boards. All the power of the Arduino platform, combined with WiFi, BLE, GSM, NB-IoT, LoRa and SigFox connectivity, in an industrial CE/FCC/IC compliant PLC

    From 145.00 + tax

  • Exo Sense Pi is a multi-sensor module with a Raspberry Pi 4 computing core and a wide range of connectivity options. Ready for residential and commercial applications such as environmental monitoring and data gathering, BLE positioning, indoor people and assets tracking, rooms management and access control, voice control and much more.

    From 266.00 + tax

  • Industrial Raspberry Pi server, CE/FCC/IC compliant, with wide-range power supply, UPS, RTC, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, watchdog and secure element.

    From 225.00 + tax

  • Raspberry Pi touch panel PC kit with industry-standard serial interfaces and high-reliability &¬†security features

    From 462.00 + tax