Industrial Raspberry Pi Servers

The Strato Pi units enhance the Raspberry Pi computer with several hardware features to make it suitable for use in professional and industrial applications where reliability and service continuity are key requirements.

Strato Pi can be employed in residential and industrial environments and complies with the industry standards for electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and emission.

Strato Pi’s features are aimed at providing safety, security and fault-tolerance as well as easy integration with industry standard communication buses and protocols.

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Anything that runs on a Raspberry Pi,
runs on Strato Pi

At its core, Strato Pi is a standard Raspberry Pi. No proprietary operating system and no proprietary framework are required. You use Strato Pi with the usual operating system, toolset, programming language or framework, compatible with Raspberry Pi, that you are familiar with.

On Strato Pi you can program and run anything from a simple shell script to a full-fledged Java server in a Docker container.

Strato Pi can be used with all the popular platforms available for Raspberry Pi:

and many more…

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  • Raspberry Pi expansion board for system thermal management, with temperature sensor and controlled fan

    22.00 + tax

You can customize all Strato Pi units from branding to hardware features